How to get lost data from the imo app? 

Imo is a very popular app on social networking sites. It allows one to easily communicate with another. Imo allows you to make free messages, photos, videos, calls etc. Mainly, imo is a free, simple, excellent , fast video calling and quick messaging app.Easily receive and send texts, voice messages, audio-video calls with family, friends, relatives and others. 

The imo app can be downloaded very easily. There is no extra cost to download it. First you have to go to the play store and search by typing the Imo app. It can be easily found after searching. Then you have to download it from the play store. To open an imo account you need to do the following;

1.After downloading Imo, you have to open it. 

2.As soon as you open it, 2 options will appear.  Click on Allow. 

3.Then you have to register with the mobile number. The citizens of that country will be automatically selected there. If anyone wants to select another country, he can do so.

4.After typing the phone number, you will see a blue tick mark next to it. You have to touch it and press OK. 

5.When opening an emo account, a verification code will be sent to the given mobile number.Open that sms, there is a code, you have to type it in the blank box. 

The imo application has some great features. This app offers high quality voice calls and video calls. With the help of imu, group video calls with friends, family and colleagues are available. International calls are available on low cost landline or mobile phones. Imu can quickly share photos and videos with friends and family. Imu has hundreds of free stickers. It is possible to avoid SMS and phone call charges for using this app.

Any data from imo may be lost for any reason. And if the data is necessary, then it is more difficult. Then raid data recovery is required. The Imo app has some ways to recover lost data. Below is what to do to recover data;

1.First you need to get inside the app. 

  1. Then after entering the app a plus option can be seen below. You have to click on it. 

3.Then an option called more will appear. You have to click on more. 

  1. After clicking on the More option, an interface will show up in front. 
  2. Then you have to click on settings and go to settings and go inside general options again. 
  3. Enter the General option and click on the option called backup. 

7.After clicking on the backup option, all the lost or deleted data will be recovered in some time.

8.Then you have to click on the data that you want to recover and download it .

This way anyone can easily recover lost data in imo. 

At last we can say that imo is a very useful app. It helps us a lot to communicate with people. We are very grateful to have this outstanding app in our digital age.